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Our focus continues to be upon those most disenfranchised within society, the Meadow Well Estate is consistently in the bottom 1.25% in terms of deprivation, and in terms of income deprivation the Estate is in the bottom 0.3% nationally – our vision is to change this through focussed action.

The Cedarwood Trust is a pastoral care organisation which has grown alongside the community of the Meadow Well Estate to support and encourage cohesion whilst providing a mouthpiece for those most disadvantaged within the community. The Trust has a unique relationship with the residents of the Estate, many of whom see us as a supportive neighbour and part of their daily lives. Within this acceptance, the community allows us to offer a service which is innovative and focussed upon the individual, enhancing their ability to be self determining.

Helping as a Company

  • Sponsor one of the Cedarwood Trusts local services or an event for the community

  • Support us “in kind” by offering services or equipment as gifts or at a discounted rate

  • Encourage staff to take part in corporate fund-raising activities

  • Nominate the Cedarwood Trust as your company charity

  • Set up payroll giving on behalf of the Cedarwood Trust

  • Instead of buying gifts and cards for clients at Christmas, donate the money to the Cedarwood Trust

  • Download our prayer letter and remember us in our work

Help as an Individual

  • Take part in one of our fund-raising activities

  • Make a one-off donation (using Gift Aid increases your gift)

  • Through a Banker’s Order

  • Through payroll giving

  • By doing your online shopping at Give as you Live:

  • By remembering us in your will

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