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The Community Drop-in is the real hub of the community, encouraging people through the doors from all walks of life. Local people come to meet friends; support workers arrange visits with clients; older people, mothers with children and/or teenagers have somewhere to drop in. Once at the Drop-in, people can socialise, access advice and information, use IT or internet services or sign up for/dip in and out of activities.

The Cedarwood Trust is perceived locally as a one-stop shop offering a variety of services and activities, supporting many community volunteers, making significant impact within the community and helping residents to become more self-reliant. As such, the Trust’s services and priorities have been developed in close consultation with local residents.

The Cedarwood Trust “champions the cause” for residents of the Meadow Well Estate throughout its work and ensures that, wherever possible, the community has a voice at various political and social levels. In supporting the community “voice” the Cedarwood Trust works with local people, using mechanisms such as Community Organising, to identify and articulate issues, needs and aspirations which are important for them, and supports individuals and groups to ensure that their views are accurately and appropriately reflected in decision making forums.

Support is also provided for families and individuals within the Criminal Justice System: ie young people at risk of offending, ex-offenders, those struggling with addiction and families affected by a loved one’s offending behaviour.

FoodWorks provides access to good quality, healthy and nutritious food whilst working with individuals to develop skills in food preparation and healthy eating. FoodWorks feeds into the Trust’s work with Over 50’s and the Drop-In breakfasts as well as providing an Emergency Food Bank and access to fresh fruit and vegetables for the Estate.

Our aim is to support individuals to become less reliant on statutory services, whilst ensuring that they have access to all of the support needed to make the transition. As a longstanding community based charity we have a unique relationship with the local community which enables us to deliver this support effectively. We are currently working with statutory partners and other organisations to effectively quantify impact.

The issue we aim to address: 68% of households in Chirton ward have some form of household deprivation. Many residents have chaotic lifestyles, feel let down by service infrastructure and are sceptical of new interventions. The Cedarwood Trust’s work focuses upon these marginalised groups to tackle the inequalities which see their life chances and life expectancy reduced by up to 11 years.

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