Family & Children Services

Our work with children and families has grown over the years to include:

"Parents Plus" – Parents Plus offers support to families with children in an informal way. The project has developed over a number of years to focus upon the individual families and offer a range of support to parents. Support can be anything from helping a family with potty training their child through to supporting families through the statutory interventions which they may be experiencing. Parents Plus also runs regular Messy Play sessions throughout Chirton and Riverside Wards including Percy Main and Balkwell.

“PlayLab” – PlayLab is the new name given to our work to increase access to childrens play on the Estate. The Cedarwood Trust is working to develop play sites across the Estate and is working to create opportunities for increased play at it’s own centre.

“Wor Bairns”- Wor Bairns is a new Cedarwood project which is focusing upon children from pre-birth to 3 years old. Wor Bairns will explore opportunities for the development of our children through their earliest years through social activity, lunch clubs and breastfeeding groups to baby massage, bonding activities and support to ensure that the newest members of our community have the best start possible.

Coming soon – Cedarwood Nursery.

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